Shellcode online tool - disassembler -

Effortlessly disassemble and debug shellcode using Coppernico, the new online tool. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features streamline the process, making it a must-have for security researchers and developers.

Introducing Coppernico, a new online disassembler tool with x64 and x86 compatibility. It allows you to save your disassembly results for future reference. While it is still in its MVP stage, we plan to add debugging, generating, and assembling capabilities in the future. shellcode tool

Use of the disassembler is easy; just paste the shellcode in the textarea, select the architecture, and then push the disassembly button.

I decided to create this tool in order to add some features that I wasn’t able to find in other online tools. One of them, for instance, is being able to store the disassembly result. For instance, you can check this result at

coppernico shellcode disassembly

In the future, I will be enabling all the functionality and adding more features, so stay tuned. If you have any suggestion you can write me at @synawk